About Whippet Games

Dave Making Cornhole Board

Photo of Dave making a board

What started as a small side project while creating high end bespoke furniture has turned into an amazing adventure! 

In the Summer of 2019 Dave Botting put up a stall at a craft market with an overwhelming response. There he met a friend who had the next stall, this was the beginning of a great adventure! After a busy summer with hundreds of games and a tonne of corn (1 TONNE OF CORN!!) they set out to produce some world class games of the highest quality. This has been no easy adventure with testing over 30 different fabrics, countless hand picked timber products and the long process of designing our games. We won't be happy unless we deliver the best product to you! 

We now have some awesome equipment to bring you the best quality product. We chased after the best method for designs while keeping the game play at competition standards, leading to an incredible UV flatbed digital printer that can print directly to our games and bags! This summer we will also CNC cut all of our games for a precise quality cut every time.

We are a small business operating in a small Waikato town of NZ with massive ambitions! We keep our values high and support other local businesses however we can. 

Kia Kaha Aotearoa!

Dave Botting